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Carving with Kids: Tips, Rules and Ideas for Crafting and Whittling with your Swiss Army Knife

Being outdoors and learning new crafts that engage with the natural world is great for children’s wellbeing. They are explorers, problem-solvers, artists, freedom-seekers – what better place for playing than the woods? With the right pocket knife kids can whittle and carve amazing creations, from wizard wands and animal shapes to wooden spoons. The only limit is their own imagination.

If you don’t know where to start or are simply looking for some inspiration for yourself or for your children, check out our for some cool carving inspiration. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced whittler, you’ll have fun learning how to carve a spinning top, a wooden fork or a little gnome.

Whilst we love a playful approach to life, when you mix children and tools safety is paramount. Our knives may have a rounded blade for extra safety, but the blade itself is as sharp as that of our normal pocket knives. Therefore it goes without saying that the golden rule is that all children must be supervised whilst using a Swiss Army Knife.

Before you start your adventures, please take the time to familiarize yourselves with the rest of our . From the basic rule that all carving and whittling must be done whilst seated, these rules also contain important info on how to handle and hold a knife, which is vital for the safety of children (and adults!).

Teaching these basic safety rules will help your child be responsible and build confidence. As our in-house carving expert, Felix Immler, says: “They are no more dangerous than a bicycle or a skateboard. Kids just need to be taught how to use them.”

Felix himself is a world of creativity and inspiration. As the of on the topic, he is considered a leading expert on whittling and crafting for children and adults alike. about what he teaches in his kids carving workshops and what he loves so much about an adventure in the forest with his pocket knife.

Learning through play and activity allows kids to follow their curiosity and creativity whilst developing new skills. Which is why we’ve created a range of pocket knives designed specifically for small hands and busy youngsters.

So, what is the best pocket knife for a young person? Our kid-friendly collection fuses fun designs with ease of use so they can create and construct as their imaginations fly. You will know your child best, but for beginners we recommend starting with a rounded blade, like our My First Victorinox knives which come or . For slightly older children, our pocket knives still include the rounded blade but have a few more tools for extra fun.

If you really want to hammer home those all important safety rules, check out our which comes together with a coloring book explaining the rules of carving. Kids can choose from a dolphin, rabbit or parrot character on the colorful scales. You as a parent will know when your child is ready to move on to the next stage. For those ready for this step, we recommended the or as the perfect entry point to the world of adult pocket knives.

Give your child the gift of independence, self-confidence and creativity with a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife.