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Swiss Classic Kitchen Knife

A key investment for any busy kitchen, this hardworking utility knife not only tackles carving like a pro but also slices vegetables, such as onions, and fruits in sublime style. Compact yet chef-level capable, the Kitchen Knife makes effortless work of any joint: from fowl to beef or lamb. Its blade produces beautifully fine slices of meat, yet slides around bones with the dexterity of a butcher.

Our tip: If any knife could earn the chameleon title, it’s this. Equally at home carving a roast as slicing tiny herbs.

Swiss Classic Steak Knife

Fillet, rump, sirloin or onglet, whichever cut you choose, our Steak Knife is its ultimate go-to partner. The perfectly honed yin to its marbled, scarlet-hued yang. A razor-sharp specialist, this blade knows the intricacies and art of fine steak dining, naturally. Fitting neatly into the palm of your hand, it gracefully glides against the grain, leaving you to savor the flavor.

Our tip: Its first love may be steak, but this blade works well with pastry: from pie and quiche to, of course, pizza.

Swiss Classic Filleting Knife

This blade is exceptionally on point for fish. Long, lean and slightly tapered, it negotiates a myriad of fish bones with A-game agility. The result is a clean, perfectly filleted dish that looks beautifully presented on the plate. Kick back and enjoy your fresh salmon, tuna or trout with a chilled, crisp glass of white.

Our tip: The length and flexible blade of this Filleting Knife make it an excellent choice for peeling an orange.

Swiss Classic Santoku Knife

You can call our Santoku Knife the Japanese all-rounder. Meticulous, precise and with impeccable attention to detail, it’s in its culinary element working with sushi and sashimi. The special form and fluted edge slice slim, bite-sized pieces and create mini ‘air beds’ so the fish instantly falls away from the knife. Smart.

Our tip: Its slicing and incising talents don’t end there. This exacting blade is ideal for tomato, cucumber or even grapefruit carpaccio.

Swiss Classic Bread Knife

Freshly baked granary bread with salted butter, ciabatta with balsamic and extra virgin olive oil, sourdough rye with ham and cheese: bread has so many delicious guises. So, investing in a knife that knows how to tackle your daily loaf is key. Built to last, our Bread Knife slices adeptly through thick crusts, thanks to its wavy edge.

Our tip: Baked goods are this blade’s domain, but try it on a pumpkin and you’ll be in expert hands.

Swiss Classic Carving Knife, extra-wide blade

Fusing exceptional balance with a smart structure, this knife is strong and can hit the culinary ground running. It excels at carving larger-scale joints such as rump of beef, shoulder of lamb or turkey. For some restaurant-style theater, use it to carve on a beautiful chopping board centerpiece at the table.

Our tip: The best things don’t always come in small packages. Extra width lends this blade precision and power. Try it on a pineapple.

Swiss Classic Carving Knife

Slightly smaller than its extra-wide counterpart, this cleverly crafted Carving Knife is better for more compact joints such as guinea fowl, poussin or duck. Or, perfect for when you’re catering for smaller dinner parties. Its ergonomic handle means it’s super easy to handle and the straight edge cuts with impressive precision.

Our tip: It may have earned its culinary stripes for carving meat, but this adept blade works just as well on soft fruit and vegetables.

Swiss Classic Paring Knife

Chop, slice, peel, dice and core, this is the definition of a countertop multitasker. Our Paring Knife packs all these functions into the most compact knife in the collection. At a feathery 25 grams, it glides through a range of fruit and vegetables. Choose the wavy edge for vegetables with a firm peel, such as kiwis, and the straight edge for citrus fruits, pears and peaches.

Our tip: Use the pointed tip to remove cores and seeds. Also works well for chopping herbs and preparing garnishes.


Swiss Classic Tomato & Sausage Knife

This little blade’s success lies in its curvy contours. A super sharp wavy edge enables intricate cuts on the finest surfaces. Slice tomatoes without squashing their delicate centers. Chop chipolatas, salami and specialty sausages without ruining their neat, precise form. You’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Our tip: The wavy edge of this blade is ideal for spreading unctuous butter or runny jam onto freshly baked bread.

Swiss Classic Pastry Knife

If you like to bake, make this your go-to knife. With a long and rounded edge, it excels when used on anything baked: both sweet and savory. Agile and adept, it effortlessly slices through any kind of short pastry or fluffy sponge. And just to prove its passion for baking, it makes an excellent spatula for icing and decorating.

Our tip: So at home in the pastry kitchen, it’s equally as skilled tackling bread and harder-skinned fruits or vegetables such as a watermelon.

Fibrox Salmon Knife

Slice your salmon like a professional with this knife designed exclusively for the task. Filleting slices of the delicate fish is easy work thanks to this knife’s thin, flexible blade. The fluted edge of the Salmon Knife prevents the meat from tearing or sticking to the blade – ensuring that you have the perfect slice, every time. Your only problem will be keeping up with the demand for more.

Our tip: This knife is what it says it is – and it does its job to perfection.

Swiss Classic Shaping Knife

Make your next gathering memorable with food that looks too good to eat. The Shaping Knife is the ideal tool for creating garnishes that give your spread some added panache. The thin, curved blade and rosewood handle provide the control you need to create intricate designs, whether you’re carving radish roses for the vegetable platter or slicing strawberry fans for brunch. Just don’t blame us if no one can bear to eat your masterpieces.

Our tip: This knife’s thin, sharp blade is perfect for cleaning and peeling mushrooms.

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