Swiss Army Knife Life Hacks

Explore and share how the Swiss Army Knife can make life easier

Our iconic pocket knife is so helpful in everyday life – in ways you may not even know yet. Forgot to pack the corn cob holders? No worries: use the corkscrew on your Swiss Army Knife. What’s a good way to get a hot grill off the BBQ? With the hook function of your Swiss Army Knife, of course. Pocket knife expert Felix Immler shows you how in this video.

Show Us Your Favorite Hack

These are just two of our pocket knife hacks that can simplify your world. Got your own? We invite you to photograph, film and share. Just submit your photo or video via social media by tagging @victorinox and using #mysakhack. We will collect your hacks over the next few months. So shoot, upload and stay tuned!

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