Made by us, Loved by you

Fans Love our Products, We Love our Fans

We make products the way we would like to have them ourselves. This means in outstanding Swiss quality, with solution-oriented functionality. We believe in innovation for smart, creative and contemporary products. And our no-frills iconic design is based on simple, distinctive and clean lines. These brand values are defined by our promise to consumers.

As a result, the emotional connection between us and our fans is authentic. We make products for you and you choose our products because you love them. This is how we inspire each other.

Meet some of our creators and some of our fans.

The Active Adventurer

Rutger Geerling is a photographer who travels the world, capturing amazing images of electronic music festivals. And when we say ‘travels’, we mean A LOT. From his native Netherlands to Japan and the United States, Rutger takes his passion for dance music photography with him all around the world.

Rutger is a genuine fan of our products. His photography equipment needs to go everywhere with him and for this he is using specialist cases, but for his personal items he prefers travel gear that is nice and light, while at the same time sturdy enough for his smaller professional items and equipment.

“Lightweight. Limitless. Passion-filled.”
Rutger Geerling
Photographer, Rotterdam