Our Most Popular Swiss Army Knife?

Our Most Popular Swiss Army Knife?
It All Depends on Who You Ask….

Admit it. You have your favorite. Maybe it’s in your pocket right now. Or in the palm of your hand. Or maybe it’s still in its box—pristine and forever prized. You know your knife. And you know why it matters.

Maybe its corkscrew allowed you to raise a glass to the next adventure—in mid-adventure. Maybe its bit wrench helped you repair both a device and a relationship. Whatever the reason, it evokes sharp images and strong emotions. It’s more than a knife; it’s an icon.

We’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be the most popular Swiss Army Knives of all time. Is there one ultimate answer, a pocket knife that trumps them all? No there’s not. Each person who answered the question did so with their own unique perspective, their passion and their experience.

Is your knife on this list? Should it be? Then tell us. We’d love to hear your opinion via social media. Don’t forget to tag @victorinox_australia and use #MyVictorinox.

Because when it comes to the topic of our most popular Swiss Army Knife of all time, there is only one right answer: yours.

Top Ten Most Popular Pocket Knives

The Sellout The record for the fastest sold knife goes to the Hunter Pro Damast Limited Edition 2020, which sold out in a record 50 minutes online.

Most Sold Model Ever Our Classic is by far and away the most sold model in the history of our company. This is no doubt thanks to its pocket-friendly size and its wallet-friendly price, as well as to the iconic functionality found in its tiny form.

The Boss To celebrate the production of our 500 millionth Swiss Army Knife, we produced a special Swiss Champ for employees. This is Mr Elsener's all time favorite knife - he personally presented one to each employee and even assembled 300 of them himself.

Tales From Toyko Kenji from our Tokyo store swears that the Nail Clip 580 always flies off the shelves. Is it down to the fact that grooming and hygiene are so important in Japanese culture? "Maybe" says Kenji. "But it just makes a really great gift too".

That Time We Broke the Internet We produced 1,969 pieces of a very special limited edition knife, commemorating 50 years since the moon landing. Demand was so great, it caused our website to crash! So just so you know it's not just celebrities who can break the internet.

The Everyday Carry Winner For an everyday carry fan, you use your most popular knife daily. We asked @notoriousedc what his favorite was. "It's hands down the Cadet" he said. "Just love the Alox scales and with four tools it has all you need without weighing you down".

The Swiss Souvenir Beate from our Zürich store sees a lot of visitors buying souvenirs to take home. "The Spartan and the Huntsman always do well, but the most popular knives recently have definitely been the new Onyx Collection. We sold out in just a few days".

The Most Anticipated Our alox knives have long been popular, but we heard again and again from our customers that they wanted a 93mm alox knife with scissors. We listened and in 2016, introduced the Pioneer X. It quickly became one of our most popular products.

The Collector's Item Certain knives are highly sought after by the collectors in our community. One of the rarest and most desirable knives is an original version of our Officer's Knife, which was first produced in 1897. You'll be in luck if you can find one of these.

The Competition Winner When it comes to counting votes in our Classic Limited Edition Design Contest, it's easy to see which one is the most popular. In this year's design contest, the winner was the Mexican Zarape design, created by Ray Rincon from Mexico City.

NailClip 580

Classic SD

Spartan Onyx

Signature Lite Onyx

Pioneer X

Forester Wood

Work Champ

Hunter Pro M Alox